3rd Boot Device

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5/5 - (15 votes)

3rd Boot Device

Option name:

3rd Boot Device

Possible values of an option:

There are different variants of values for this option. At first, in their quality the type and model of the connected drives can appear. Secondly, there can be the generalized titles of devices: [Floppy] (the disk drive of floppy disks), [LS120] (disk drive LS120, and not received a wide circulation), [Hard Disk] (hard disk), [CDROM] (optical disk drive), [ZIP] (a drive of zip disks), [USB-FDD] (the exterior disk drive of floppy disks with interface USB), [USB-ZIP] (an exterior drive of zip disks with interface USB), [USB-CDROM] (an exterior optical disk drive with interface USB), [USB-HDD] (an external hard drive with interface USB), [LAN] (a local network), [SCSI] (additional IDE – SATA – SCSI – or the RAID-controler). Normally there is also a value [Disabled] — loading is disconnected. Sometimes instead of [Hard Disk] there are variants [HDD-0][HDD-3], allowing to specify a specific hard disk if them it is installed a little.

The option description:

The third drive on which operating system search will be produced.

Other options identical to destination:

Third Boot Device

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