4X Override

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5/5 - (11 votes)

4X Override

Option name:

4X Override

Possible values of an option:

[No Override], [2X Mode]

The option description:

Mode support 4x for bus AGP appropriate to the specification 2.0. At a choice [No Override] your videocard connected to bus AGP, will work in a mode 4x. If to install value [2X Mode], the mode 2x will be used.

With the videocards which have been let out during a transient period (from 2x to 4x), not all so is simple. Formally the card can support a mode 4x, but in practice to work in this mode not so stablly, especially with the motherboards based on chipsets of firm VIA. If at you just such configuration, it is possible to make following recommendations: before operating system installation include 2x, and after setting return 4x. If an operating system and, the most important thing, games work stablly, leave a mode 4x if there were problems, return to a mode 2x.

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