Access Mode

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4/5 - (10 votes)

Access Mode

Option name:

Access Mode

Possible values of an option:

[Auto], [Normal], [LBA] and, probably, [Large], [Match Partition Table]

The option description:

Sets a mode of addressing of a disk. For hard disks in volume to 504 Mb it is used standard (or a straight line) an addressing method ([Normal]), for disks over 504 Mb — a method of logical addressing of the unit ([LBA]), value [Auto] allows to define the necessary type of addressing automatically.

Besides resulted, other variants are sometimes possible also: [Large] (it is used for hard disks in volume over 504 Mb, but not supporting mode LBA) and [Match Partition Table] (the addressing method is clarified proceeding from the information which have been written down in the table of sections of a hard disk).

Other options identical to destination:

LBA Mode

LBA/Large Mode

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