ACPI Enhanced Efficiency

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5/5 - (13 votes)

ACPI Enhanced Efficiency

Option name:

ACPI Enhanced Efficiency

Possible values of an option:

[Enabled], [Disabled]

The option description:

The given option is accessible, if the computer does not support saving of a state of an operating system in a random access memory (Suspend to RAM). Its switching-on ([Enabled]) involves more effective mechanisms of power savings in mode Power on Suspend. Frequently it leads to problems in computer operation so this possibility is better be not to using ([Disabled]).

Is short we stop on power savings modes. The majority of the computers supporting specifications ACPI, two modes allow to use: S1 (POS) and S3 (STR). In the first (it is decrypted as Power on Suspend) a supply is disconnected from a hard disk, some expansion cards, plus, the monitor is extinguished. All remaining components (the processor, a random access memory, a chipset…) Work in a regular mode, passage to the under frequencies is possible only. Thanks to it awakening happens very quickly. The second mode (abbreviation from Suspend to RAM) is characterized much by smaller power consumption. Before passage in it all information on a state of various components is saved in a random access memory then all remaining devices are disconnected, there is only a supply on duty. To pay off for it it is necessary longer awakening of the computer. Is still Hibernate or Suspend to Disk, but it does not concern power savings modes. At its usage the information on a state of various components "is dropped" on a hard disk then there is a normal switch-off of a supply.

Mode Suspend to RAM superimposes certain restrictions on the power unit: the current given on circuit Standby (+5V SB), should be not less than 800 mA (it is recommended 1). To the modern models of claims in this plan is not present — all of them are compatible to mode Suspend to RAM, problems can arise only with old computers.

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