Active to Precharge (Tras)

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4/5 - (13 votes)

Active to Precharge (Tras)

Option name:

Active to Precharge (Tras)

Possible values of an option:

Depend on storage type, there can be a variant [Auto]

The option description:

Sets an amount of clock periods between reversal to storage and the regeneration beginning (parameter tRAS in the access chart). For SDRAM values from [5] to [6] clock periods are typical. DDR SDRAM it is characterized by values from [5] to [8] clock periods, DDR2 SDRAM — from [10] to [15] clock periods, DDR3 SDRAM — from [18] to [30] clock periods. In case of qualitative storage it is possible to try to install the underestimated value. Among possible values can be present and a variant [Auto] (the information undertakes from chip SPD).

Other options identical to destination:

(Tras) Minimum RAS active Time

Act to Precharge Delay

Active to Precharge Delay

DRAM Precharge Delay

DRAM RAS# Activate to Precharge Delay

DRAM Timing tRAS

DRAM tRAS Select

DRAM Tras Timing Value

Min RAS# Active Time

Min RAS# Active Time (Tras)

Precharge Delay

Precharge Delay (tRAS)

RAM RAS Act. to Pre.

RAS Pulse Width

SDRAM Active to Precharge Time

SDRAM RAS Act. To Pre.

SDRAM Tras Timing Value




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