Adjust Extra NB <-> CPU HT Vcore

4/5 - (12 votes)
4/5 - (12 votes)

Adjust Extra NB <-> CPU HT Vcore

Option name:

Adjust Extra NB <-> CPU HT Vcore

Possible values of an option:

From [1.2V] to [1.5V]

The option description:

Gives the chance to lift pressure of bus HyperTransport used as system modern by processors AMD. Necessity for it can arise at processor acceleration, as one of measures of stability augmentation of operation of the computer. However, in most cases pressure raisings it is not required — it is recommended to leave regular value 1.2 In ([1.2V]).

Other options identical to destination:

1.2V HT Voltage

CPU HT Voltage Adjust

CPU to NB HT Voltage

HT CPU <-> nForce SPP

HT Voltage

LDT Voltage Select

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