AI Overclocking

4/5 - (11 votes)
4/5 - (11 votes)

AI Overclocking

Option name:

AI Overclocking

Possible values of an option:

[Standard], [Manual], [Auto], [Overclock Profile], [AI NOS]
[Standard], [Manual], [Auto], [N.O.S.]
[Standard], [Manual], [Auto], [Overclock 3 %], [Overclock 5 %], [Overclock 7 %], [Overclock 10 %], [Adaptive Overclocking]

The option description:

The given variant of an option of automatic acceleration can be met on motherboards ASUS. At value [Standard] all components work on regular frequencies. The choice [Auto] installs optimal, according to the vendor, acceleration parameters. The variant [Manual] allows to set all parameters manually. One more interesting mode is dynamic acceleration when system performance increases at magnification of loading of the processor. It turnes on at a value choice [AI NOS] (as a variant, [N.O.S.] or [Adaptive Overclocking]).

Regarding implementations there is also a possibility of operation with profiles. So, values [Overclock 3 %], [Overclock 5 %], [Overclock 7 %] and [Overclock 10 %], at their presence, allow to increase working frequencies of components by appropriate percent (thus not the fact that the computer will work stablly) automatically. If instead of the marked there is a variant [Overclock Profile] the profile is selected by means of a separate option.

Do not forget only that setting of too "optimistical" values at acceleration is capable to lead to unstable operation of the computer.

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