Auto Detect CPU Frequency

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5/5 - (7 votes)

Auto Detect CPU Frequency

Option name:

Auto Detect CPU Frequency

Possible values of an option:

[Enabled], [Disabled]

The option description:

At value [Enabled] the regular factor of the processor, value [Disabled] is used gives the chance to use distinct from nominal a factor if, of course, given possibility is supported by the processor.

The factor is a relation of working frequency of the processor to physical frequency of the front-side bus.

There are two ways to "force" the processor to work on the frequency which is distinct from the regular. At first, it is correction of frequency of the front-side bus — remained former the factor causes proportional change of frequency of operation of the processor. Secondly, at fixed frequency of the front-side bus correction of the multiplier of the processor leads to natural magnification or reduction of total working frequency.

For acceleration it is possible to recognize as an optimal variant a combination of these methods: some reduction or multiplier magnification together with simultaneous rise of frequency of the front-side bus allow to reach synchronously "ceiling" both on the frequency potential of the processor, and on the frequency potential of the motherboard. (As practice showed, for the processor the limiting factor it becomes normal total working frequency, and for the motherboard — frequency of the front-side bus.)

The free change of the multiplier well only in processors for enthusiasts (rather expensive series Extreme Edition from Intel and more democratic at the price of Black Edition from AMD), normal processors resolve only its reduction. It if to speak about the modern decisions (family Core from Intel, Athlon X2 and Phenom from AMD). Earlier models — we tell, Pentium 4, majority Athlon XP — and are at all characterized by the fixed factor.

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