Bank Interleave

5/5 - (11 votes)
5/5 - (11 votes)

Option Bank Interleave

Option name:

Bank Interleave

Possible values:

[Disabled], [2-Way], [4-Way], [8-Way]
[Disabled], [2 Bank], [4 Bank], [8 Bank]
[None], [2 Banks], [4 Banks], [8 Banks], sometimes there is a variant [Auto]

The description:

The given option allows to include alternation of banks of storage that raises speed of a data interchange with storage units (clock periods of reversal to the data and to regeneration alternate in different banks of storage). Whenever possible select the maximum value — alternation of 8 banks of storage ([8-Way], [8 Bank], [8 Banks]). Only consider, these 8 banks really should be present at system — for example, is installed at least two four-bank the storage unit (however, for the modern systems this condition is fulfilled practically always). If there is one four-bank the unit or two two-bank, use alternation of 4 banks of storage ([4-Way], [4 Bank], [4 Banks]) etc. If for any reasons you do not want to use alternation, install value [Disabled] or [None]. Sometimes there is a variant [Auto], allowing automatically to pick up an optimal configuration.

On many not the advanced motherboards the maximum quantity of alternated banks is restricted by four so be not surprised to more poor dial-up of values of the given option.

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