Bank Interleaving

4/5 - (18 votes)
4/5 - (18 votes)

Option Bank Interleaving

Option name:

Bank Interleaving

Possible values:

[Disabled], [2-Way], [4-Way], [8-Way]
[Disabled], [Enabled] and, probably, [Auto]

The description:

The given option allows to include alternation of banks of storage that raises speed of a data interchange with storage units (clock periods of reversal to the data and to regeneration alternate in different banks of storage). Whenever possible select the maximum value — alternation of 8 banks of storage ([8-Way]). Only consider, these 8 banks really should be present at system — for example, is installed at least two four-bank the storage unit (however, for the modern systems this condition is fulfilled practically always). If there is one four-bank the unit or two two-bank, use alternation of 4 banks of storage ([4-Way]) etc. If for any reasons you do not want to use alternation, install value [Disabled].

Sometimes variants of a choice for an option are restricted by values [Enabled] (alternation of banks the most suitable mode is included, involved) and [Disabled] (alternation is not used), there can be a variant [Auto] (the decision on switching-on of alternation and its mode will be accepted on the basis of a configuration of a subsystem of storage).

On many not the advanced motherboards the maximum quantity of alternated banks is restricted by four so be not surprised to more poor dial-up of values of the given option.

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