Clear ESCD

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5/5 - (7 votes)

Clear ESCD

Option name:

Clear ESCD

Possible values of an option:

[Enabled], [Disabled]
[Yes], [No]

The option description:

Orders to drop the saved configuration of hardware components and at loading to read it anew. This procedure is necessary for fulfilling is mandatory at update BIOS, at setting or, on the contrary, expansion card exception, at change of a hardware configuration of the computer. One more case when it is possible to try to use this possibility: if, suddenly, the operating system began to change arbitrarily allocation of resources, permanently to find "new" or nonexistent devices, etc. (though not the fact that it helps). In all remaining cases the option should be ungeared ([Disabled] or [No]).

For update of a configuration you should install this option in [Enabled] or [Yes] and to reboot. At start detection of all hardware components will be produced, the information on them will be saved in the field of ESCD, and the option will be automatically installed in [Disabled] or [No].

ESCD it is decrypted as Extended System Configuration Data — the expanded convergence on a system configuration. This data including, in particular, interruptions used by the equipment, direct memory access channels, input-output addresses, are stored in non-volatile CMOS storages, considerably simplifying resource allocation process at switching-on or computer reboot.

Other options identical to destination:


Reset Configuration Data

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