Combined Mode Option

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5/5 - (12 votes)

Combined Mode Option

Option name:

Combined Mode Option

Possible values of an option:

[Primary P-ATA+S-ATA], [S-ATA]
[P-ATA], [P-ATA+S-ATA], [S-ATA], [P-ATA]
[S-ATA 1st Channel], [P-ATA 1st Channel]

The option description:

The option allows to specify channels of the standard IDE/SATA-controler of a chipset which will be involved in a compatibility mode. For controlers with interface SATA of the second wave (with one IDE – and four SATA-channels) values the following: [Primary P-ATA+S-ATA] or [P-ATA+S-ATA] (to an operating system the devices connected to channel IDE and to two channels SATA) will be visible, [S-ATA] (to an operating system the devices connected to four channels SATA) and [P-ATA] (will be visible to an operating system the devices connected to channel IDE) will be visible only.

The necessary value depends on a configuration of a disk subsystem of the computer. In the presence of drives as with interface SATA, and IDE it is possible to install [Primary P-ATA+S-ATA] (or [P-ATA+S-ATA]). At presence only drives with interface SATA install [S-ATA], and [P-ATA] approaches, if you generally do not have devices with interface SATA.

In separate versions BIOS this option is identical [PATA IDE Mode] and defines, whether channel IDE ([P-ATA 1st Channel]) or SATA ([S-ATA 1st Channel]) will go the first. If your load hard disk has interface IDE, select the first value, if SATA — the second.

Other options identical to destination:

IDE Port Settings

Legacy IDE Channels

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