Compliance With O/S

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5/5 - (15 votes)

Compliance With O/S

Option name:

Compliance With O/S

Possible values of an option:

[Yes], [No]

The option description:

The given option is responsible for the interface of the expanded configuring and control of a supply (ACPI — Advanced Configuration and Power Interface). If you are going to use possibilities given to it — passage in states with the under power consumption, in a doze mode, program supply switching-on/deenergizing etc. — is mandatory involve this option ([Yes]). Do not forget also that one of subsystems of the expanded configuring and control of a supply is the expanded controler of interruptions (APIC — Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller). The failure from functions ACPI leads to impossibility of usage and the expanded controler of interruptions.

The correct value of the given option is necessary for installing before operating system installation — depending on your choice different variants of a kernel of OS will be used. Change of adjustments after operating system setting is capable to lead to incorrect operation of OS.

Support ACPI is provided with all modern operating systems. To the full it has been entered, since Windows 98SE.

Other options identical to destination:

ACPI Aware O/S

ACPI Function

IPCA Function

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