CPU Critical Temperature

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5/5 - (15 votes)

CPU Critical Temperature

Option name:

CPU Critical Temperature

The option description:

Allows to set boundary temperature of a crystal of the processor at which excess frequency of the processor will be automatically lowered or turnes on throttling (the pass of clock periods). Depending on a processor thermal emission it is possible to recommend to install value of the order 65—80°C.

"Hottest" are processors of family Pentium 4 (especially their high modifications). And it is possible to recognize as "coldest" processors of families Core. Athlon 64, Athlon X2, Phenom (except for the high-frequenciest versions) it is possible to carry to averages on this parameter to processors. If to speak about earlier models they are characterized, in the core, an average or moderate thermal emission.

Other options identical to destination:

Target Temperature

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