CPU Frequency

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4/5 - (7 votes)

CPU Frequency

Option name:

CPU Frequency

Possible values of an option:

Depend on processor model

The option description:

Sets frequency of the front-side bus of the processor. Depending on version BIOS, it can be both physical frequency of the front-side bus, and effective transmission frequency of the data.

Other options identical to destination:

Adjust CPU Bus Clock

Adjust CPU FSB Frequency

Clock By Slight Adjust

CPU BUS Frequency

CPU Clock

CPU Clock Setting


CPU External Frequency (MHz)

CPU Frequency Setting


CPU FSB Clock (Mhz)

CPU FSB Frequency

CPU Host Clock (Mhz)

CPU Host Frequency (Mhz)

CPU Overclock

CPU Overclock Frequency

External Clock


FSB Clock (Mhz)

Host Burn-in Mode

Host Burn-in Mode Percentage

New FSB Speed (QDR)

NPT Fid Control

Set System Operation Frequency

System Frequency

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