CPU Host/SRC/PCI Clock

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4/5 - (18 votes)

CPU Host/SRC/PCI Clock

Option name:

CPU Host/SRC/PCI Clock

Possible values of an option:

Depend on motherboard model, there can be a variant [Default]

The option description:

Defines frequencies of the front-side bus, interface SATA and bus PCI by operation in the synchronous mode (when frequencies of all buses are rigidly connected with each other). In this case the magnification of frequency of the front-side bus inevitably involves also growth of frequencies SATA and PCI that can negatively affect stability of operation of a disk subsystem and expansion cards, therefore at acceleration it is necessary to show the raised care.

Regular frequency of the front-side bus depends on processor model, interface SATA and bus PCI by default work on frequencies of 100 and 33 MHz, accordingly (100.00 and 33.33 MHz if to be more exact). If among possible values of an option there is a variant [Default], it corresponds to nominal frequencies of all buses.

Other options identical to destination:

Host/SRC/PCI clock

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