CPUFAN Off In Suspend

4/5 - (19 votes)
4/5 - (19 votes)

CPUFAN Off In Suspend

Option name:

CPUFAN Off In Suspend

Possible values of an option:

[Enabled], [Disabled]

The option description:

Switching-on of this option allows to stop a processor cooler at passage in a mode of the maximum power savings (Suspend). If at you not so "hot" processor, the similar decision it is quite admissible ([Enabled]).

For the most "gluttonous" models of processors (in particular, family Pentium 4) beforehand should be checked that the cooler stop in power savings mode does not lead to their overheating. Most easier to make it, touched with a hand the cooler heat sink — it can be warm, but should not hot even after the lapse of some time.

Other options identical to destination:

FAN Duty When Suspend

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