CS/ODT Drive Strength

5/5 - (13 votes)
5/5 - (13 votes)

CS/ODT Drive Strength

Option name:

CS/ODT Drive Strength

Possible values of an option:

[Auto], [1.00x], [1.25x], [1.50x], [2.00x]
[Low], [Hi]

The option description:

Allows to correct signal level on lines CS and ODT memory buses. It is recommended to use always value [Auto], manual adjustment can be demanded only at extremal acceleration of a subsystem of storage. Sometimes as values variants [Low] (normal level) and [Hi] (the level of a signal increased concerning a nominal) appear.

Sometimes the option is present in duplicate — separately for the first and second channels of storage.

Other options identical to destination:

CS Drive Strength

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