Current CPU Temperature

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Current CPU Temperature

Option name:

Current CPU Temperature

The option description:

The given information option displays current temperature of a crystal of the processor. The maximum value reached only at a total load of all units of the processor, should not exceed 65—85°C (depends on model and working frequency of the processor), for a rest state values of the order 30—50°C are characteristic.

If at stopping in BIOS you see the temperature which closely is coming nearer to the upper admissible mark for this type of the processor (the maximum working temperature can be specified, addressed to the documentation on the given model of the processor), it is occasion to reflect on efficiency of cooling. The mismatch of a cooler to the given processor (in other words, insufficient efficiency of a cooler), serviceability of the fan or the heat sink of a cooler hammered by a dust, too thick layer or, on the contrary, absence of the thermointerface (thermopaste) between the processor and a cooler, and also the general bad organization of cooling of packaged components of the system unit can be the reason of the uprated temperature.

It is not necessary to wait for values, close to the minimum temperature of rest — the majority of versions BIOS load the central processor, let and not on a maximum.

At some implementations BIOS there is a color selection of the deduced information. If temperature within norm, you see dark blue digits if it quitted for admissible limits, color of digits will be replaced with the red. It is quite often possible to refuse temperature control generally. For this purpose it is enough to select for an option value [Disabled] or [Ignore] (truth, is better not to do it).

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