DRAM Clock

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5/5 - (8 votes)

DRAM Clock

Option name:

DRAM Clock

Possible values of an option:

[Auto] or [By SPD], frequencies or the standard of units of storage

The option description:

This option which is present only at asynchronous chipsets, allows to set frequency of the memory bus irrespective of frequency of the bus of the processor. As values for the given option real or effective values of clock rate of the memory bus, the standard of units of storage can appear, there can be a variant [Auto] (probably, [By SPD]), allowing to consider the information on operation modes of the unit from chip SPD.

Other options identical to destination:

DRAM Clock By

DRAM Frequency


MEM Clock Setting

Memclock index value (Mhz)

Memclock index value or Limit

Memclock Value

Memory Clock (Mhz)

Memory clock Value or Limit

Memory Frequency

New MEM Speed (DDR)

SDRAM Frequency

System Memory Frequency

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