Drive B

4/5 - (9 votes)
4/5 - (9 votes)

Drive B

Option name:

Drive B

Possible values of an option:

[None], [360K, 5.25 in.], [1.2M, 5.25 in.], [720K, 3.5 in.], [1.44M, 3.5 in.], [2.88M, 3.5 in.]
[Not Installed], [360 KB 5¼ inch], [1.2 MB 5¼ inch], [720 KB 3½ inch], [1.44 MB 3½ inch], [2.88 MB 3½ inch]

The option description:

Allows to specify type of the second disk drive of floppy disks. Taking into account that the second disk drive in the computer is not put by many years, safely specify [None] ([Not Installed]).

Other options identical to destination:

Floppy B

Floppy Drive B

Legacy Diskette B

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