Fourth SATA Master

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5/5 - (12 votes)

Fourth SATA Master

Option name:

Fourth SATA Master

The option description:

Here characteristics or drive type (we tell, a hard disk), the standard IDE-/SATA-controler of a chipset of the motherboard connected to the fourth SATA-channel are specified. As a rule, setting for this option of value [Auto] will be an optimal variant.

In some versions BIOS Setup for this purpose you should come into the nested menu.

Some confusion in options BIOS Setup which is responsible for SATA-channels of the standard IDE/SATA-controler of a chipset, is imported by that fact that sometimes vendors of motherboards number channels, since zero, sometimes — since unit. Often there is a situation when two channels SATA "unite" in one with the conditional division on conducting and conducted, similarly customary IDE. The only thing that it is possible to tell with confidence, total of the options which are responsible for parameters of disk storage units, corresponds to number of ports for connection of devices (on two on one IDE-channel and on one on the SATA-channel). So be not surprised, meeting the option slightly different on a title from described, or an option which is responsible for other port, rather than follows from this description.

Other options identical to destination:

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Fourth SATA Slave

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IDE Fourth Slave

PATA Fourth Slave


SATA Channel 4

SATA Channel 4 Master

SATA Port 3

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