FSB – Memory Clock Mode

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4/5 - (17 votes)

FSB – Memory Clock Mode

Option name:

FSB – Memory Clock Mode

Possible values of an option:

[Auto], [Linked], [Unlinked]

The option description:

Defines a memory bus operation mode. At a choice [Linked] frequency of the memory bus is anchored to frequency of the front-side bus (it is equal to it or corresponds with usage of one of standard dividers). Value [Unlinked] gives the chance independent change of frequency of the memory bus. The variant [Auto] allows to select automatically a suitable mode depending on current frequency of the front-side bus and the standard of units of storage.

The maximum high-speed performance is reached in the first mode — whenever possible it is recommended to use it. Independent change of frequency of the memory bus can be demanded, only if you are engaged in acceleration. Thus not the fact that turned out result (higher frequency of the memory bus) compensates losses from asynchronous operation of buses.

Other options identical to destination:

Memory Clock Mode

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