Graphic Adapter Priority

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5/5 - (10 votes)

Graphic Adapter Priority

Option name:

Graphic Adapter Priority

Possible values of an option:

[AGP], [PCI]
[PEG/PCI], [PCI/PEG] and, for motherboards with the integrated drawing, [IGD], [PEG/IGD], [PCI/IGD]

The option description:

The majority of computers carry "onboard" the unique videocard or use the graphic kernel integrated into a chipset. Naturally, in this case there are no questions, on what monitor it is necessary to deduce the information at loading. Another matter when in the computer it is installed two and more videocards for support of a multimonitor configuration (or besides the integrated graphic kernel the discrete videocard is used). The given option just also defines, what of videocards will be initialized by the first and begins to be used for an output of messages at computer loading: or connected to the specialized bus — AGP (value [AGP]) or PCI Express 16x (value [PEG/PCI]), or the first of connected to bus PCI (value [PCI] or [PCI/PEG]).

In the modern computers with bus PCI Express 16x and the integrated drawing the choice of variants noticeably is wider. Installing [IGD], you order to use only the integrated graphic kernel. Selecting [PEG/IGD] or [PCI/IGD], you force to be initialized by the first the videocard connected to specialized bus PCI Express 16x or the first of connected to bus PCI then it will be initialized and the built in graphic kernel (it does not happen at a choice [PEG/PCI] or [PCI/PEG]).

The unique videocard connected to the specialized bus or, in the absence of the separate videocard, the integrated graphic kernel is normally used.

Other options identical to destination:

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