H/W DRAM Over 4GB Remapping

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5/5 - (9 votes)

H/W DRAM Over 4GB Remapping

Option name:

H/W DRAM Over 4GB Remapping

Possible values of an option:

[Enabled], [Disabled]

The option description:

If in system it is installed 4 and more Gbytes of a random access memory, switching-on of this option ([Enabled]) transfers the units of addresses used by expansion cards, to address space behind 4th Gbyte. It allows to increase volume to an accessible operating system of storage (otherwise the operating system "sees" only 3—3.5 Gbytes). For high-grade support of such volume usage of 64 bit processors and 64 bit versions of operating systems (or server versions of 32 bit operating systems admitting the extension of physical addresses — PAE) is necessary. At smaller volume of a random access memory is mandatory ungear this option ([Disabled]), problems in operation of expansion cards, videocards (for example, hangup or sharp falling of productivity in three-dimensional games) differently are possible. Also this option should be disconnected, if at you normal 32 bit operating system Windows XP is installed, the boomerang effect when instead of 3—3.5 Gbytes the operating system will "report" all about 2 Gbytes of a random access memory differently is possible.

The first audits of 64 bit processors AMD Athlon 64 (степпинг to E0) incorrectly worked after switching-on of this option. If you came up against a similar situation, disconnect the given option.

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