NB <- SB HT Speed

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5/5 - (11 votes)

NB <- SB HT Speed

Option name:

NB <- SB HT Speed

Possible values of an option:

From [200 MHz] to [1000 MHz], [Auto]
[1xNB to SB HT Frequency], [2xNB to SB HT Frequency], [3xNB to SB HT Frequency], [4xNB to SB HT Frequency], [5xNB to SB HT Frequency]

The option description:

Allows to specify effective frequency or a factor (the relation of effective frequency to frequency of the reference clock speed generator) for in-chip buses HyperTransport, connecting system and functional controlers of a chipset. This option is responsible for a line from functional to the system controler.

Vnutrichipsetnaja bus HyperTransport normally works on frequency of 1000 MHz, and the reference generator — on 200 MHz. Accordingly, a regular factor 5x (it is required to select value [1000 MHz] or [5xNB to SB HT Frequency]). Also the variant [Auto] if it is available Quite approaches.

Other options identical to destination:

MCP55 (SB) to C51 (NB) Freq

NForce SPP-> nForce MCP

SB Hypertransport Frequency

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