Onboard IDE Operate Mode

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4/5 - (19 votes)

Onboard IDE Operate Mode

Option name:

Onboard IDE Operate Mode

Possible values of an option:

[Compatible Mode], [Enhanced Mode]

The option description:

This option sets an operation mode of the standard IDE/SATA-controler of a chipset: expanded ([Enhanced Mode]) or compatible ([Compatible Mode]). You can use the first in Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista, the second is necessary for Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows Me.

Problem in that Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, simply "do not know" that IDE – and SATA-channels in the total there can be more than two. For normal operation of these operating systems it is necessary to use a compatible mode. In it the operating system "sees" or two standard IDE-channels, or one IDE-channel and one "pseudo-IDE", made of two SATA, or, even, two "pseudo-IDE", made of four SATA. In Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista such problems are not present, they can work normally with any amount of IDE/SATA-channels. Therefore for them the enhanced mode doing accessible all channels of the IDE/SATA-controler of a chipset quite approaches, how many them was.

Naturally, nothing hinders to use a compatible mode and in Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista. The maximum quantity visible an operating system of disk storage units is simple will be reduced to four.

Other options identical to destination:

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