Parallel Port

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5/5 - (17 votes)

Parallel Port

Option name:

Parallel Port

Possible values of an option:

[378], [278], [3BC], [Disabled] and, probably, [Auto]
[Auto], [Enabled], [Disabled]

The option description:

This option sets the address used parallel (LPT) by port. A standard variant — [378], can establish value [Auto] if it is present. If the port is not unsoldered on the motherboard, or not used, choose [Disabled].

On some motherboards Intel any address and interruption for parallel port are set by a combination of options

[Base I/O Address]



, Appearing after installation for a described option of value [Enabled]. The choice [Auto] will automatically set for parallel port умолчательные the address and interruption — 378 and IRQ7, [Disabled] traditionally disconnects parallel port.

Other options identical to destination:

Onboard Parallel Port

Parallel Port Address

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