Promise RAID

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5/5 - (18 votes)

Promise RAID

Option name:

Promise RAID

Possible values of an option:

[Enabled], [Disabled]

The option description:

The given option allows to involve ([Enabled]) or to disconnect ([Disabled]) the additional RAID-controller integrated on the motherboard. The option does not mention the standard IDE/SATA-controller (or, for older models, simply IDE-controller) a chipset.

To connect hard disks and other devices to the additional controller it is necessary in the event that the standard controller of a chipset does not support the demanded interface (we will tell, it is necessary to connect an IDE-drive of optical disks, and the chipset controller allows to use only SATA-devices), or does not provide necessary functions (for example, you want to unite hard disks in a RAID-file, but this функционал is absent in чипсетном the controller). In other cases all available stores are better for connecting to the standard IDE/SATA-controller of a chipset, and additional — to disconnect. It will simplify operating system installation, plus, will release resources occupied with the controller, having made their accessible to other devices.

Other options identical to destination:

ATA100RAID IDE Controller

ATA66RAID IDE Controller


ITE8211F Controller

ITE8212F Controller

JMB361 IDE Controller

JMicron JMB361 Controller

JMicron RAID controller

JMicron SATA/PATA Controller

OnBoard ATA133 RAID

Onboard H/W ATA/RAID

Onboard H/W GigaRAID

Onboard H/W SATA

Onboard IDE RAID Controller


OnBoard Promise Controller

Onboard Promise IDE

Onboard S-ATA

Onboard SATA-II Ctrl1

Onboard SATA-II Ctrl2

Onboard Silicon RAID Controller

Onboard VIA RAID Mode

P20378 S-ATA Controller

SATA2 Controller

Silicon 3132 Controller

Silicon SATA Controller

Silicon SATA II Controller

Ultra DMA-100 IDE Controller

Ultra DMA-66 IDE Controller

Ultra DMA-66/100 IDE Controller

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