Ratio Free

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Ratio Free

Option name:

Ratio Free

Possible values of an option:

[Enabled], [Disabled]

The option description:

Value installation [Enabled] for the given option orders to use for the senior models Pentium 4 additional multiplier 14x instead of regular (the given possibility has appeared for the first time in Pentium 4 550), [Disabled] disconnects the given possibility. If you are not going to be engaged in dispersal, necessarily establish for this option value [Disabled], otherwise, under condition of support by your processor множителя 14x, the processor will function on frequency of all in 2.8 GHz.

The multiplier is a relation of working frequency of the processor to physical frequency of the system tyre.

The senior models of processors of family Pentium 4 on kernel Prescott differ rather high power consumption. Since model Pentium 4 550 (working frequency of 3.4 GHz) the thermal package (TDP — Thermal Design Power), characterising the maximum thermal emission, has increased more than on third — with 84 to 115 Vt. Besides more rigid requirements to system of cooling it has caused of processing of power supply circuits of the processor. To provide functioning of the new processor in the old motherboards not compatible to a new thermal package, in Pentium 4 550 (and in all subsequent models of this family — Pentium 4 560 and all 600th series) the additional multiplier 14x has been added. It was used instead of regular (for example, 17x for Pentium 4 550) if the motherboard did not meet the requirements of a new thermal package. Certainly, working frequency thus automatically went down to 2.8 GHz, but it obviously is better full неработоспособности than the given combination.

However occurrence множителя 14x has allowed to raise essentially разгонный potential of systems with new processors. Considering that in Pentium 4 (however, as well as in the majority of other models of processors) a multiplier is blocked, dispersal should be carried out increase in frequency of the system tyre. Alas, разгонный the potential is thus insignificant — "ceiling" Pentium 4 usually less than 4 GHz: it is not enough, if for a basis to take working frequency in 3.4 or 3.6 GHz. The insignificant increase in frequency of the system tyre does not allow to reach high frequencies of the tyre of memory connected with it, essentially limiting the general prize in speed.

Another matter if instead of regular to use a multiplier 14x. Now, before processor "ceiling" will be reached, frequency of the system tyre, and together with it and memory tyres, it will be essential above nominal. Result — much higher speed of the dispersed system.

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