SDRAM Burst Length

4/5 - (20 votes)
4/5 - (20 votes)

SDRAM Burst Length

Option name:

SDRAM Burst Length

Possible values of an option:

[4 QW], [8 QW]
[4], [8]

The option description:

This option allows to specify length of a package of the data at operations of package reading and record (when consistently going data is simultaneously transferred). 4 steams of double words — 32 bytes (value [4QW] or [4]) By default are offered, but in most cases the computer perfectly works and at installation of 8 steams of double words — 64 bytes ([8QW] or [8]). As the choice of the second variant allows to lift productivity for some percent, it and is recommended to be used.

Other options identical to destination:

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