SDRAM Configuration

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4/5 - (7 votes)

SDRAM Configuration

Option name:

SDRAM Configuration

Possible values of an option:

[By SPD], [Disabled]
[Auto], [Disabled]

The option description:

This option is capable to relieve you of manual installation of all parametres of work of operative memory, it is enough to specify time of access of modules or their standard. As the variant, it can be value [By SPD] (or [Auto]) — the information undertakes from microcircuit SPD of the module of memory. If to disconnect (value [Disabled]) automatic конфигурирование begins possible to arrange all characteristics of memory, having achieved the maximum speed.

For SDRAM it is frequent besides (or even instead of) values [By SPD] and [Disabled] probably to specify access time to modules of memory or frequency of the tyre of memory on which they are calculated (the standard of modules). Variants the following: [10 ns] or [10 ns (100 MHz)] — for modules of memory of standard PC66 (despite the frequency of the system tyre specified in brackets); [8 ns] or [8 ns (125 MHz)] — for modules of memory PC100; [7 ns] or [7 ns (143 MHz)] — for modules of standard PC133. In case of qualitative modules it is possible to try to establish more rigid values, having executed, thus, original dispersal of memory. But the probability is great that it will lead to astable work of the computer.

If at manual конфигурировании memories have arisen problems (the computer began to work astably, there were errors at work of programs), return to automatic конфигурированию. Also it is recommended to use automatic конфигурирование and at installation of new programs and, especially, at operating system installation.

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