Serial-ATA Controller

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5/5 - (19 votes)

Serial-ATA Controller

Option name:

Serial-ATA Controller

Possible values of an option:

[Enabled], [Disabled]
[All Enabled], [SATA-1+2], [SATA-1], [Disabled]

The option description:

Includes (value [Enabled]) or disconnects (value [Disabled]) channels SATA of the standard IDE/SATA-controller of the motherboard, i. e., actually, is responsible for support by a chipset of stores with interface SATA. For the modern computer application of stores with the given interface — norm so the given option should be involved ([Enabled]). The Same value can to recommend be established and for older computers if you do not know an exact configuration of a disk subsystem.

In some versions BIOS this option allows to specify used SATA-channels of the IDE/SATA-controller of the motherboard. Then instead of a variant [Enabled] there are values [All Enabled], [SATA-1+2] and [SATA-1]. At a choice of the first all channels will be involved, at a choice of the second — only the first and the second, at a choice of the third value — only the first SATA-channel. [Disabled], traditionally, disconnects support of devices with this interface.

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