SiS Serial ATA Mode

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SiS Serial ATA Mode

Option name:

SiS Serial ATA Mode

Possible values of an option:


The option description:

The option allows to specify an operating mode of the modern IDE/SATA-controller of a chipset. At value [IDE] for the reference to SATA-stores the mechanism similar to the usual IDE-controller will be used. Certainly, it limits speed of a disk subsystem a little, but installation of additional drivers is not required to you — all necessary already is available as a part of any operating system.

Value [RAID] meets only on the motherboards supporting RAID-files from stores, connected to the standard IDE/SATA-controller of a chipset. Its choice gives the chance to unite hard disks in RAID-files for the purpose of increase of reliability of storage of the information or for increase in speed of work. Consider only, at installation of operating system Windows 2000 or Windows XP the diskette with drivers (if in your computer there is no disk drive, it can lead to an unsoluble problem as other stores are not supported) necessarily is required to you. The driver are necessary and for Windows Vista, but in this case besides a diskette they can be written down and on a compact disc or the Flash-store.

Naturally, to speak about a RAID-file it is possible only if at you in system it is established two and more hard disks. And, it is desirable, that they were one mark and volume, in an ideal — with identical firmware and from one party.

Value [AHCI] is present only on enough new motherboards which IDE/SATA-controller supports interface SATA II. The choice of this variant allows to use all advantages of expanded host-controller SATA II (AHCI it is deciphered Advanced Host Controller Interface) — turn of commands, hot connection etc. it is not necessary to forget and about higher speed of a disk subsystem in this mode. If your hard disks support SATA II, it makes sense to stop on this value. Only keep in mind, for installation Windows 2000 or Windows XP the diskette with drivers is required to you.

For older operating systems (family Windows 9x) use of RAID-files and the AHCI-controller hardly probably — necessary drivers simply do not exist.

To change an operating mode of the standard IDE/SATA-controller of a chipset it is necessary before operating system installation. If the system is established, simple change of a mode in BIOS will lead to occurrence of "the dark blue screen of death». If all of you want to include AHCI on the established system, before change of value of this option compulsorily replace the IDE/SATA-controller driver with the necessary.

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