Smart FAN Control Mode

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4/5 - (16 votes)

Smart FAN Control Mode

Option name:

Smart FAN Control Mode

Possible values of an option:

[PWM], [Voltage], [Auto]

The option description:

Modern processor coolers are equipped with rather productive fans considerably rustling at work on limiting turns. But the maximum volume of pumped over air is necessary only during the moments of the greatest loading when the processor thermal emission reaches peak, in the rest of the time the cooler fan can rotate with ready smaller speed. Traditionally for decrease in speed of rotation reduce pressure of a food of the fan, but this way possesses a number of restrictions. First, a modest range of regulation of speed. Secondly, possible problems with fan start at the pressure lowered concerning face value. However, long enough processor coolers used this mechanism. The modern decision assumes a direct control of speed of rotation what needed additional fourth contact in a socket for connection of the fan of a processor cooler.

The given option just also allows to specify, what variant is used by the given model of a cooler: a direct control of speed of rotation (value [PWM]) or adjustment of speed through change of pressure of a food of the fan (value [Voltage]). In the first case a socket of a cooler of the processor new four-contact, in the second — classical three-contact (nevertheless, it without problems can be inserted and into a four-contact socket of new type on the motherboard). Value [Auto] allows to define adjustment type automatically.

Other options identical to destination:


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