System Share Memory Size

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System Share Memory Size

Option name:

System Share Memory Size

Possible values of an option:

In a range from [1MB] to [256MB], sometimes there is a variant [Disabled] or [None]

The option description:

Specifies, what volume of system memory to allocate under needs of the integrated graphic kernel of a chipset. Possible values depend on technology of reservation. For the graphic kernels using UMA, is in most cases admissible to allocate from 32 to 128 Mb (less often from 16, 8, 4 or, even, from 1 Mb). As the integrated graphic kernel approaches for ресурсоемких games a little, it is possible to be limited to value in [32MB] or [64MB], having left thus as much as possible operative memory for an operating system and applied programs. More modern decisions DVMT reserve in advance memory only for a two-dimensional mode, therefore the option is usually limited by values in 1 or 8 Mb (occasionally — to 32 Mb). Considering the permission of modern displays, the reserve of 8 Mb ([8MB]) will be optimum. If the integrated drawing is not used at all, establish value [Disabled] (or [None]) at its presence.

The integrated graphic kernels supporting technology UMA (Unified Memory Architecture), reserve at once under the needs a certain memory size which becomes inaccessible to an operating system and applied programs without dependence from that, you start three-dimensional games or not. More progressive decisions DVMT (Dynamic Video Memory Technology) concern system memory much more carefully. On a constant basis it allocates only minimum necessary volume, sufficient for work in a two-dimensional mode (stages of loading and work in out-of-date operating systems of type MS-DOS). Further management of memory incurs the driver of the integrated graphic kernel and allocation of additional volume of system memory occurs only when it is really necessary (for example, you have started the game using functions of three-dimensional acceleration), and then this memory again comes back to an operating system.

The modern variant of realisation of technology DVMT allows to reserve under needs of a graphic kernel a certain constant volume of system memory — similarly technologies UMA. It guarantees that at the disposal of the driver always there will be the minimum volume of video memory necessary for start of three-dimensional appendices. Further necessary under needs of the driver of the integrated drawing memory will be dynamically allocated, proceeding from resources available at present. Thus a certain compromise between inquiries of three-dimensional games and requirements of an operating system with applied programs is provided.

In some configurations with integrated drawing UMA at installation of different values for the given option and an option similar

Graphics Aperture Size

, Lags and unstable work of the computer are observed. Solve this problem installation of identical memory size for these options can.

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