System Temperature

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System Temperature

Option name:

System Temperature

The option description:

The given information option displays current temperature in the system block (usually around the system controller of a chipset). Normal values from 25 to 50°C (the size in many respects depends on the temperature-sensitive element location) are considered.

If at calling in BIOS you see the temperature which closely is coming nearer to the top admissible mark (without speaking about its excess), it is occasion to reflect on efficiency of cooling of components in the system block. First of all it is necessary to pay attention to normal work of all available fans.

Enough frequent error of manufacturers of motherboards, with enviable stubbornness repeated from model to model, it is possible to recognise the mixed channels of gauges of temperature of the motherboard and the processor. So, when you will see obviously overestimated temperature in the system block, pay attention and to processor temperature. If last more low, means to you "has carried" and it is necessary to wait for new audit of an insertion for correction of a described error.

At some realisations BIOS there is a colour allocation of the deduced information. If temperature within norm, you see dark blue figures if it left for admissible limits, colour of figures will be replaced with the red. It is quite often possible to refuse temperature control in general. For this purpose it is enough to choose for an option value [Disabled] or [Ignore] (truth, is better not to do it).

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