Thermal Management

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4/5 - (15 votes)

Thermal Management

Option name:

Thermal Management

Possible values of an option:

[Enabled], [Disabled]
[Thermal Monitor 1], [Thermal Monitor 2]
[TM1], [TM2]

The option description:

The given option defines, whether will be ([Enabled]) or not ([Disabled]) to be used the system of protection built in the processor from an overheat. Naturally, in order to avoid a processor exit out of operation at a stop of the fan of a cooler this mechanism should be involved. In some audits BIOS this option allows to choose the version of technology of protection against an overheat — initial (value [Thermal Monitor 1] or [TM1]) or improved ([Thermal Monitor 2] or [TM2]). At installation of this or that value keep in mind that the advanced mechanism of protection has been entered in Pentium 4 on kernel Prescott since степпинга E0.

The initial variant of protection against an overheat (Thermal Monitor 1) means that at excess of threshold temperature the processor will start to pass automatically steps, reducing thus a thermal emission at the expense of productivity falling — will include so-called троттлинг. The advanced mechanism (Thermal Monitor 2) is more flexible — at an overheat the processor reduces the multiplier with a simultaneous voltage reduction of a food of a kernel. Besides большей efficiency it allows to diagnose the fact of critical rise in temperature easily.

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