Tiger Intelligent Stepping

4/5 - (16 votes)
4/5 - (16 votes)

Tiger Intelligent Stepping

Option name:

Tiger Intelligent Stepping

Possible values of an option:

[Auto], [Energy Saving], [Office], [Data Mining], [Power Gaming], [Manual]
[Default], [Step 1], [Step 2], [Step 3], [Manual]

The option description:

The option which is present on some motherboards Foxconn, gives the chance to make automatic dispersal of components of the computer (the processor, operative memory, tyres). At a value choice [Auto] (or [Default]) are used standard values of all frequencies, [Manual] allows to regulate all parametres manually, and [Energy Saving], [Office], [Data Mining], [Power Gaming] (as a variant, [Step 1], [Step 2] and [Step 3]) ready profiles of dispersal to some aggression (from a minimum to a maximum) represent.

Do not forget only that dispersal is capable to lead to astable work of the computer.

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