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Option name:


Possible values of an option:

Depend on memory type, there can be a variant [Auto]

The option description:

Establishes a delay between the termination of operation of record and the beginning of regeneration of memory (a parametre part tRAS). Usually this parametre name time of restoration for the record cycle, the reduced designation — tWR. For memory SDRAM delays in [1] or [2] steps are characteristic, DDR SDRAM is characterised by delays from [1] to [4] steps, DDR2 SDRAM — from [1] to [6] steps, DDR3 SDRAM — from [1] to [15] steps. As to find correct value of this parametre for concrete modules of memory happens difficult enough, installation [Auto] will be an optimum variant.

Other options identical to destination:

(Twr) Write Recovery Time

DRAM Write Recovery Time


Write Recovery Time

Write recovery time (Twr)

Write Recovery Time (tWR)

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