USB Dev Wakeup From S3-S5

5/5 - (8 votes)
5/5 - (8 votes)

USB Dev Wakeup From S3-S5

Option name:

USB Dev Wakeup From S3-S5

Possible values of an option:

[Enabled], [Disabled]

The option description:

Sets, whether computer awakening is necessary at activity of USB-devices (for example, USB-keyboards or USB-mice). In most cases given possibility is better for disconnecting ([Disabled]).

Other options identical to destination:

Resume by USB (S3)

Resume by USB From S3

Resume From S3 by USB Device

USB Device Wakeup From S3

USB Device Wakeup From S3/S4

USB resume from S3

USB Resume From S3/S4

USB Resume from S5

USB Wakeup From S3

Wake Up By USB device

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