USB Mass Storage Device Boot Setting

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5/5 - (11 votes)

USB Mass Storage Device Boot Setting

Option name:

USB Mass Storage Device Boot Setting

Possible values of an option:

[Auto], [USB Floppy], [USB HDD]
[Auto Mode], [FDD Mode], [HDD Mode]

The option description:

The given option defines, how external stores with interface USB (Flash-charms, external hard disks, drives of optical disks, other similar devices) will be presented. Value installation [Auto] when the necessary type of emulation gets out depending on type and store volume will be the best variant. If necessary you can compulsorily set emulation of replaceable carriers ([USB Floppy], [FDD Mode]) or usual hard disks ([USB HDD], [HDD Mode]).

Than the choice of wrong value threatens? Depending on emulation type search of the main loading record is carried out (Master Boot Records), the information on sections is read out. So, if you have specified not that type or there was an error in its automatic definition, you cannot be loaded from the given store and, probably, will be deprived access to the information stored on it. In general, anything irreparable. If the manual instructions of type of emulation nevertheless is required, keep in mind that external hard disks and, in most cases, Flash-stores is better to represent as usual hard disks, and for drives of optical disks, it ZIP-is driving is better emulation of replaceable carriers approaches.

Other options identical to destination:

Emulation Type





USB Mass Storage Emulation Type

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