Use IR Pins

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4/5 - (8 votes)

Use IR Pins

Option name:

Use IR Pins

Possible values of an option:

[IR-Rx2Tx2], [RxD2/TxD2]

The option description:

The option is accessible only when COM2 functions in a mode of infra-red port. With its help it is possible to specify, to what socket on the motherboard — to special, or the infra-red port is connected to a socket of the second serial port. In the first case it is necessary to choose [IR-Rx2Tx2], here the second — [RxD2/TxD2].

Speech here goes about "the internal" infra-red port connected to a socket on the motherboard, instead of about the external devices exchanging the data through a standard serial port. On many motherboards with the integrated drawing the second COM-port is not deduced on the back panel, and unsoldered in the form of a socket on the motherboard. This port can be deduced on the back panel by means of a special lath, and it is possible to use for connection of the infra-red port having a necessary socket.

The word "internal" is quoted not casually, after all the priemo-transmitter of infra-red port, as a rule, represents the external device. «The internal part» port is usually limited to a lath with similar on PS/2 коннектором for priemo-transmitter connection.

Other options identical to destination:

IR Pin Select

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