Used MEM Base Addr

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5/5 - (16 votes)

Used MEM Base Addr

Option name:

Used MEM Base Addr

Possible values of an option:

[N/A], [C800], [CC00], [D000], [D400], [D800], [DC00]

The option description:

Is a certain combination of options

[Reserved Memory Size]


[Reserved Memory Address]

. With its help it is possible to include the mechanism, allowing to address to the cards of expansion connected to tyre ISA as to operative memory, using addresses in the top memory. As it was already told, in overwhelming majority of cases it is necessary to forbid block allocation in the top memory (value [No/ICU]). And, if only any old card of expansion refuses to work for you for tyre ISA, specify as value of the given option the base address of the block, and with the help

[Used MEM Base Length]

Set its size.

Other options identical to destination:


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