User Password

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User Password

Option name:

User Password

The option description:

Establishes, changes or removes the password of the user. If it is necessary to establish the password, choose this point, enter the password, and then, in an additional window, repeat password input. Thus, it is guaranteed that you will not be mistaken. At change it is necessary to enter in the beginning the old password, and then to specify new, having entered it twice. At removal of the password you should press [<Enter>] instead of input new.

The password can consist only of letters of the English alphabet, and the top and bottom registers do not differ, and figures. The maximum length of the password — eight symbols.

In the majority of versions BIOS it is possible to use two passwords — so-called the password of the user and the password of the manager. If you want to involve парольную protection should set both these of the password. The password of the user allows to look through only values in BIOS Setup, without possibility of their change (except for some most "harmless", type of installation of time and date), and the password of the manager gives full access to all options in BIOS Setup. At computer loading any of passwords can be used. The scope of passwords is underlined separately.

However, work with passwords can be organised a little differently. If the password of the manager it is requested only by call BIOS Setup is established only, and computer loading occurs in the standard image. If both passwords (the user and the manager) парольная protection operates both on call BIOS Setup, and on computer loading are established. Separate specification on a scope of passwords in this case it is not necessary. In the rest, differences any — the password of the user allows to look through only values in BIOS Setup (it is authorised to change only the most "harmless" options), the password of the manager gives full access to BIOS Setup, at loading any of these passwords can be used.

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