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This information option displays the current pressure of tyre AGP developed by the stabilizer of the motherboard. Rating value, depending on specification AGP, — 3.3 (for AGP 1.0 and AGP 2.0) or 1.5 In (for AGP 3.0).

At some realisations BIOS there is a colour allocation of the deduced information. If pressure within norm, you see dark blue figures if it left for admissible limits, colour of figures will be replaced with the red. It is quite often possible to refuse control of the given pressure in general. For this purpose it is enough to choose for an option value [Disabled] or [Ignore] (truth, the special sense in it is not present).

Be not surprised to constant "jumps" of displayed value — accuracy of schemes of measurement of the motherboard far from an ideal affects. At the serviceable motherboard and the power unit stability of all pressure is at rather high level, to be convinced of it it is possible, having connected any normal measuring device (the voltmeter or an oscillograph).

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