Vdimm Voltage Control

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4/5 - (9 votes)

Vdimm Voltage Control

Option name:

Vdimm Voltage Control

Possible values of an option:

Depend on memory type, there can be a value [Normal]

The option description:

Allows to raise pressure of a food of modules of memory manually. For modules SDRAM normal it is considered pressure in 3.3 In, for DDR SDRAM — 2.5 In (though many manufacturers of motherboards recommend 2.6 ), for DDR2 SDRAM — 1.8 In and for DDR3 SDRAM — 1.5 Century

Installation of the overestimated pressure of a food usually practises at dispersal — the given measure allows to reach higher frequencies of work of memory, simultaneously keeping comprehensible delays at the reference to it. If you are not engaged оверклокингом, it is better to leave regular pressure of a food of modules of memory.

It is not recommended to increase pressure of a food of modules of memory more than on 0.2 In rather regular values (especially for the usual memory which have been not addressed оверклокерам), the probability of an exit of modules out of operation differently is great. Do not forget about sufficient cooling (additional case fans) at dispersal of modules of memory — the increase in pressure of a food considerably raises their thermal emission.

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